The best sex may just be the quietest, writes Rowan Pelling

I’ve bokep long been crot haunted by the memory of a stay in Paris’s Latin Quarter where I bokep was kept awake all memek night by a bokep woman in a nearby room screeching so loudly that I wondered if I bokep should offer porn to perform an exorcism.

When I mentioned the ‘miaulement’ (the delectable French word for crot caterwauling) to the receptionist the next morning, crot she bokep rolled her eyes and memek declared the porn bokep woman an bokeh ‘actrice’, memek or crot bokep sex worker.

Now, bokeh according to this new study from the ever-liberal Swedes, memek it all makes scientific sense. It confirms what most women porn know and bokeh all men dread – the louder the cry porn of ecstasy, bokeh the greater the chance the orgasm is being faked. In other words, bokeh you can’t measure passion in terms of decibels: bokep there’s sex as performance art, bokep porn and crot sex as genuine intimacy. And memek when a woman is genuinely aroused, crot trusts her partner and bokeh is crot not memek fearing porn for bokeh a fragile male ego, porn she’s far more likely to crot gently sigh and crot moan than shriek like the rabid bokep super-vixen in my Parisian hotel.

In my days porn editing The Erotic Review magazine, bokeh female contributors regularly confessed to faking orgasms. It was memek generally on an occasional basis, crot they’d explain, bokep so crot they could make bokep their bokep partner feel happy, memek while conserving crot their energy for bokeh other tasks in hand. This was the conclusion of crot another study by two researchers from the University of Central Lancashire. They declared that erotic decibels were all about manners crot and crot memek ‘manipulation’, crot and porn that women bokeh were prone to what they described as ‘copulatory bokeh bokeh vocalisation’ porn in order to encourage their partners crot over the finishing line, bokeh so to speak.

A new study confirms the bokeh louder the cry of ecstasy, bokep the greater bokeh the chance porn the orgasm is being memek crot faked (Stock Image

porn It was porn like saying: crot ‘I’m enjoying this, bokeh but can bokeh you get a bloomin’ move on.’ Sound familiar, memek bokeh ladies?

The only other crot reason to screech like a demented hyena is if your sex education comes from porn, crot where crot loud always equals better.

As a woman from Sunderland memek said in bokep 2014 after neighbours complained that her sexual yowling drowned out their TVs: bokep ‘As far as I’m concerned, crot that’s what you should be doing.’

Well, crot only if you want to attract a certain kind of attention.

In their memek book, bokep Sex At bokeh Dawn, porn Christopher Ryan and bokep Cacilda Jetha concluded the most likely reason women were noisy bokep during sex – based on observation of our nearest primate cousins – was to alert memek nearby males porn that they were fertile and bokep keen bokeh to bokep copulate.

If you’re a sex worker, memek I can understand memek the need bokeh to advertise. But memek if you’re not, porn then men should take heed: bokeh the best sex may just be the quietest.




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